For Online Retailers

New Income Stream from Programmatic Advertising

Today every business is a data business

Data about users and marketing audiences represents a necessary asset for any business growth, no matter what industry you operate in.

source: Zenith Advertising Expenditure Forecasts

Programmatic Advertising

For Advertisers programmatic advertising is the best way to reach better profiled audiences and higher conversions through users data.

A data-driven model that now even your e-commerce can take advantage of

Following the eye-opening examples of Amazon, Walmart, Uber Eats, Macy’s, etc., online Retailers can acquire a new source of revenue by monetizing the data of their non buyer users on the advertising market.

Retailers, please pay attention.

DataLit.AI is an audience & revenue activation platform.

«Only 1.7% of the traffic on retail digital channels ends in a purchase»

source: E-commerce KPI benchmarks 2019 – Wolfgang Digital

DataLit.AI turns the remaining 98.3% of your traffic into revenue:

Selling Ads inventory to premium Advertisers in Private Deals to ensure Brand safety and block all the ads that can harm your business (competitors, unethical companies, etc.)

Selling Ads to your business partners in order to trigger an higher ROI for them

Activating Self Promotion Ads to create a better experience for your customers

No cannibalization of the Retailers’ core business

Advertising will be active only in the areas of the website that are less impactful on the process of conversion and purchasing and, in any case, toward users with a low purchasing propensity, identified thanks to our technology based on Artificial Intelligence.

Third party advertising is shown only in specific positions and certain sections of the website, such as: Product category page, Marketplace page, Product page (under the descriptions), Search results page.

Never in the Home Page and in the Shopping Cart.

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Online Retailers: are you sure you are not also Publishers?

Predictive Analysis through AI is our uniqueness.

By inserting a tracking pixel in your pages or leveraging your advanced analytics systems (Google Analytics 360 and Adobe Analytics), our AI technology based on machine learning algorithms is able to identify interests at a granular level related to the website or app content, automatically segment users into clusters with similar characteristics, and predict user behavior and purchasing intent.

The DataLit.AI monetization model for online Retailers

Segmentation of users by granular interests, online behavior, geo-local profiling and purchasing propensity

Data Monetization of the segments offered to premium Advertisers looking for profiles in line with their marketing personas

Full control, transparency and precision thanks to our dashboard with detailed statistics to track performance in real time 24/7

DataLit.AI Advertisers

Advertisers who have already shown interest in DataLit.AI to improve their Advertising and Trade Marketing results, are leading companies operating in Automotive, Fashion, Finance, Consumer Electronics industries.

Advertisers are looking for:


properties that qualify the user from a geo-local standpoint to target areas where they have a stronger business presence


audiences profiled on the basis of interests, specific content and readiness to make the purchase

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