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Increase advertising revenue through AI

In 2020 online advertising accounted for more than 50% of budgets

Internet adv investment is growing almost nine times faster than traditional media combined, at 13.2% (source: Warc Data, State of the industry: 2020). Digital channels are benefitting from continued technological improvements to smartphone technology, connection speeds, and strong investment in content.

This growth is now led by the major digital OTT players who are exploiting their ability to collect data and turn it into advertising which is targeted and delivered to users.

Playing offensive to boost revenue

Publishers and Bloggers need a data-driven strategy to earn more money from their valuable content. By collecting and using data, they can identify segments of highly qualified users to create new, more granular targeting opportunities for Advertisers.

More relevant ads, improved user experience.

How can Programmatic Advertising be improved?

Programmatic Advertising has proven to be the best way to monetize websites by harnessing users’ data. But it triggers some issues for Publishers and Bloggers:

  • Lack of qualified professional skills for data profiling
  • Lack of a strategic approach to manage unsold inventory

Predictive Analysis through AI is our unique offering. Make your first party data generate more revenue!

Through the use of a tracking pixel in your digital properties or by leveraging your existing advanced analytics systems (Google Analytics 360 and Adobe Analytics), our AI technology is able to identify granular users’ interests related to your content, automatically segment users into clusters with similar characteristics, and predict user behavior and intent to buy.

Our AI helps your publishing business to quickly increase revenue

How is DataLit.AI helping Publishers and Bloggers?

Our monetization strategy combines Artificial Intelligence and the experience of a dedicated team to:

Turn readers’ first party data into hyper-profiled audiences based on their characteristics, interests and propensity to purchase

Activate audience monetization through hyper-targeted ad campaigns

Drive more traffic to the website / app thanks to our SEO support and facilitate lead generation and data collection with added value marketing tools like Push Notifications and Email Notifications.

With our Header Bidding we generate incremental revenue

Are you already monetizing your website?

DataLit.AI can help you to generate additional revenue uplift, driven by algorithms of dynamic bidding optimization and human expertise. Our compensation is based solely on the incremental revenue we generate.

Header Bidding increases Publishers’ yields by granting access to their inventory to multiple demand partners. Header Bidding allows Publishers to hold a simultaneous auction for all Advertisers, rather than following the traditional sequential “waterfall” method.

Get more revenue from your inventory!

The benefits of DataLit.AI for Publishers and Bloggers

Increased yield from advertising space (RPM) through greater efficiency in building reader clusters

A CPM revenue system to ensure higher performance in terms of revenue with optimization in real time (i.e. attempting different ad formats, changing ad placements and generating search engine traffic)

We manage the ad trafficking operations of campaigns that Publishers sell directly

We provide SEO support, because readers obtained through SEO are expected to stay longer and interact with ads more than others

Transparent access to a network of qualified Advertisers in private deal and open market mode

Greater and more in-depth knowledge of the audience for marketing activities targeted by the Publishers themselves

Already have AdSense? You keep the relative revenue.

Our solution doesn’t interfere with revenue generated by AdSense campaigns which Publishers and Bloggers may have already activated: they will still keep 100% of the relative revenue.

Are you a publisher who has not - or partially - gone digital yet?

We will help you accelerate the digitalization of your content as well as data monetization

Each year, throughout the world, revenue from hard copy sales is gradually decreasing, while revenue from digital sales is rapidly increasing.
With our digitization and monetization engine MagPedia, we can digitize materials which you may have archived in hard copy or .pdf to facilitate their “rediscovery”, increasing and monetizing your content inventory without any additional effort on your part. Our digitization engine also boasts advanced summarization functions to extract and present the most relevant content, synthesizing it as necessary.

If the publisher does not have digital properties:

The articles, once digitized and SEO optimized, are offered to readers on the vertical website group and monetized.

If the publisher has digital properties:

The articles in the archive are digitized and made available on its online properties and adequately monetized.
The performance of the articles is constantly analyzed to improve monetization.

The premium Advertisers on DataLit.AI

Advertisers who have already choosen DataLit.AI to improve their Advertising and Trade Marketing results, are leading companies operating in the following industries: Automotive, Fashion, Finance, Consumer Electronics.

The main interest of Advertisers is to leverage:

properties that qualify the user from a geo-local standpoint to taget areas where they have a stronger business presence

audiences profiled on the basis of interests, specific content and readiness to make the purchase

Better results, less effort

The DataLit.AI team can support Publishers’ sales force and operations to get the most out of their inventory at various stages:

In the proposal phase (inventory and formats available)

During loading, delivery and optimization of the ad campaigns

For minutely detailed reporting to monitor the results

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