• June 7, 2021

How Artificial Intelligence can help you in creating a blog

How Artificial Intelligence can help you in creating a blog

How Artificial Intelligence can help you in creating a blog 1024 529 DataLit

written by Maurizio Crisanti

Creating a successful blog takes a lot of effort, whether it is a personal or business blog. “Content is the king” on the web and a blog gives you the chance to post valuable content, thus improving the authority of the corporate website that hosts it, but it is also very useful for developing Personal Branding. Blogs were born in the late 90s, when a sort of online diaries started to be published on the web – the term “blog” indeed comes from the combination of web logs – but nowadays digital technologies are transforming it into a container of articles and contents.

The blog and the quality of its content 

Anyone who runs a blog knows well that some posts get a lot more attention than others in terms of shares, comments and quotes. What brings in these results? The quality of the content, which Google perceives as best suited to the needs of users, that’s to say, to the queries they place on the most used search engine in the Western world. And subsequently, the more precise are the answers to users’ queries, the more the post will get a better ranking in the Google SERP and will be therefore more visited than others. That’s the point: the success of a blog is determined by the satisfaction of its content among users, who share the posts and thus improve its authority and ranking.

How to create a blog with valuable content? 

Until a few years ago, companies were usually advised to integrate their website with a blog where to publish content in line with the products and services offered, thus transforming a showcase-website into something more complete. Today, there is even the possibility to create useful articles by analyzing users’ questions through the SEO analysis of the most visited pages and exit pages, of the browsing time on the page and of competitor sites. 

However, the real revolution in creating a blog is represented by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a generic term that refers to various technologies, including Machine Learning (ML), Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning and other emerging technologies. AI has a main goal: to perform cognitive tasks, often laborious and complex, better and faster than humans can. It is a kind of technology designed to simplify work and give value to ideas.

The latest frontier in the creation of a blog and content through AI: the Natural Language Generation (NLG) 

Creating a blog means generating content. This activity is constantly evolving, thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. With the help of NLP and Natural Language Generation (NLG) technologies, it is possible to automate the content creation process. The texts are still a bit lacking from an emotional point of view, but they can already compete with those written by humans.

Nowadays, all of us unknowingly read content generated automatically through artificial intelligence algorithms. Machine learning and deep learning techniques are able to research, analyze and self-learn from articles linked to a given keyword, in order to create unique and optimized content. 

Not everything is perfect yet.  However, short texts on weather forecasts, as well as the football match results of the cadet series published in newspapers or on the web have been automatically generated by Natural Language Generation platforms for some time. Blogs will also benefit from the production of audio and text content based on Artificial Intelligence. The web will offer articles, podcasts and videos that increasingly respond to users’ questions, especially in those fields where speed and massive content production are needed.

Monetizing with a blog through Programmatic Advertising 

Managing a blog and its content means taking care of its spread, in order to multiply the number of readers and monetize it through the inclusion of advertising spaces. One of the possibilities offered by Artificial Intelligence is to combine the contents of the blog, or a network of online newspapers, with an editorial space where to publish advertisements. 

To gain value from a blog, publishers can use a tool that, through AI, allows them to offer qualified advertising spaces, since they are suitable for the target users requested by the advertiser.

Among the most advanced platforms we find DataLit, an AI-based framework that allows you to perform granular analyzes on the type of readers and users, turning them into advertising audiences that are greatly appreciated by advertisers. These first-party data are profiled to compose audiences that allow to increase advertising revenues. The platform automatically directs ads to non-standard audiences for interests, geolocation and propensity to buy. DataLit allows to use hyper-targeting to maximize the ROI of advertisers, offering them a highly specialized audience. 

Another advantage of DataLit is the possibility of benefitting from First-Party Data, whose collection is possible even without using the more traditional Third-Party Data collected by cookies, which are going to disappear to protect users’ privacy. 

Last but not least, DataLit also allows to optimize ePCM, using various formats and new ad positions and favoring the most successful ones, thanks to AI. 

Creating a blog through AI is possible. The support given by Artificial Intelligence allows to create valuable content on the most requested topics, to spread blog content in other forms, including digital magazines, and to transform the blogger into a publisher, hosting advertising spaces that can be a tool for making money through the blog.