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    DataLit.AI applies Artificial Intelligence to programmatic advertising


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      Why use DataLit.AI to generate more revenue

      Artificial Intelligence

      The most powerful AI-based technology framework to maximise advertising revenue from every single pageview of your site or mobile app

      First-party data analysis

      Augmented analysis of readers’ behavior and interests and prediction of their propensity to buy to granularly profile the inventory and propose hyper-targeted audiences to Advertisers.

      SEO and Marketing support

      SEO activities to increase traffic. Addition of Push Notifications and Email Notifications to facilitate lead generation and data collection.

      Integration with Sales

      Integration of our monetization technology with your sales team to support your private deals

      Features of our new Ad Network

      Hyper Profiling through AI

      to attract Advertisers interested to reach non-conventional audiences

      Predictive Analytics

      AI Technology to predict user behaviour, interests, and intent to buy

      Header Bidding

      to maximize revenue offering ad space out to multiple demand partners at the same time

      Direct Deals & PMP

      to select one or a restricted list of Advertisers

      eCPM real time optimization

      to constantly test ad placements, ad formats and traffic drivers

      SEO support

      to enhance traffic through higher visibility on search engines

      Traffic Management

      to simplify Sales & Ops activities on direct “premium” campaigns

      No Ad Blocker

      to monetize 100% of the traffic

      Detailed statistics in real-time

      to have full control and 24/7 monitoring

      Do you already use AdSense?
      No problem!

      Our solution does not interfere with the revenue generated by using AdSense. We leave to Publishers and Bloggers the 100% of the profits generated with Google’s network.

      The expertise of our team, and the power of AI

      Our strategy combines Artificial Intelligence and the experience of a dedicated team to transform data into hyper-profiled audiences. This allows you to monetize through advertising campaigns on very specific targets.
      But that’s not all. By our SEO support we bring more traffic to your site, facilitate lead generation and data collection through value-added marketing tools.

      Our Header Bidding generates more advertising revenue

      DataLit.AI helps you generate additional revenue thanks to dynamic bidding optimization algorithms and our long experience.
      Our compensation in this case is limited to the additional value brought.
      Header Bidding increases publishers’ revenue by giving multiple potential buyers access to their inventory at the same time. It also allows you to generate simultaneous action from all advertisers, rather than using the traditional ‘cascading’ method.

      Already monetising your site?

      Advantages of DataLit.AI

      Increased revenue from online advertising banners (RPM) by a greater efficiency in the construction of reader clusters

      A CPM remuneration to ensure better performance in terms of revenue with real-time optimization (e.g. testing different formats, changing positions and generating traffic from search engines)

      We manage material traffic relating to campaigns sold directly by publishers

      We provide SEO support, because readers from search engines usually spend more time on the site and interact more with advertisements

      Access to a group of qualified Advertisers in private deal and open market mode

      Greater and more in-depth knowledge of the audience for marketing actions by the Publishers

      First party data ready!

      The web is progressively becoming “cookie-less”, that’s why it is good to focus on first party data, the proprietary data collected and extracted by publishers through DataLit.AI technology


      DataLit.AI’s advertising formats are in line with the most challenging performance and branding requirements of companies.