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Non Standard and Hyper-Profiled Audiences to boost conversion rate

Today every business is a data business

No matter what industry you operate in, analytical data about the users and marketing audiences you need to reach is one of the main assets necessary for business growth.

source: Zenith Advertising Expenditure Forecasts

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising is one of the best ways to target digital campaigns using user profiles extracted from navigation on web properties.

The DataLit.AI ad network was created to improve programmatic advertising through AI according to Advertisers’ most challenging targets in terms of conversion rates, media spending optimization and revenue increase.

The main pain points of Advertisers regarding programmatic adv


Low quality and reliability of data used for targeting the campaigns


Lack of knowledge of an ecosystem deemed too complex


Brand unsafety if the ad is shown on undesirable websites


Insufficient clear and detailed reporting to permit reliable calculation of the ROAS

source: Programmatic Advertising in Italy: Current Scenarios and Future Trends – IAB – November 2018

Predictive Analysis through AI is our uniqueness

By inserting a tracking pixel in the Publishers’ or Retailers’ pages or leveraging their advanced analytics systems (Google Analytics 360 and Adobe Analytics), our AI technology based on machine learning algorithms is able to identify interests at a granular level related to the website or app content, automatically segment users into clusters with similar characteristics, and predict user behaviour and purchasing intent.

The DataLit.AI ad network for Advertisers

Segmentation of the website’s users on the basis of their interests, online behaviors, geo-localization and purchasing propensity

Monetization of the segments by targeted advertising to the marketing personas with the highest potential conversion rates

Satisfaction of brand safety
and transparency needs

Full control, transparency and precision thanks to our dashboard with detailed statistics to track performance in real time 24/7

Why join the DataLit.AI Ad Network

Non-standard audiences acquired in private deal

To reach exclusively non-standard audiences of Retailers’ websites or apps


To plan campaigns on digital properties that qualify the users from a detailed geo-local standpoint and to have focus on areas where the Advertisers have a stronger commercial presence

Hyper Profiled audiences

Audiences are profiled also on the basis of granular interests, specific content and readiness to make the end purchase / conversion in order to match your marketing personas

Ad formats

Our cutting-edge ad formats inventory is in line with trending digital advertising performance and branding needs.

Native ads

Video ads

Display ads for mobile and desktop

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