About Us

Intelligence drives Revenue of Retailers, Publishers and Advertisers

DataLit.AI is the data-driven monetization framework created by PaperLit in partnership with 3rdPlace, a tech company founded by former senior Google managers and focused on data governance, data modeling and data platforms using Artificial Intelligence. PaperLit, which was founded in 2009 in Menlo Park, California, has revolutionized the way publishers around the world create and distribute publications on web, on mobile devices and through smart speakers.

PaperLit and 3rdPlace are part of Datrix group.

Our Data Monetization ecosystem includes not only Publishers and Advertisers but also Retailers who are interested in monetizing the valuable data they collect from their large, segmented, qualified user base.

All three actors share a common goal: generate additional revenue, selling/reaching non-standard, iper profiled audiences with higher intention to buy

Today DataLit.AI Ad Network provides the most reliable AI-based programmatic adv technology and it is trusted by clients attentive to performance, innovation, constant monitoring, privacy compliance, transparency and brand safety.