We integrate AI into Programmatic Advertising

Datalit.AI - Innestiamo l'AI nel programmatic advertising

drives Revenue

Distinctive features

Based on first-party data

to respect privacy and be active without third-party cookies

Predictive Analytics

our AI technology predicts user behavior and intent to buy

Hyper Profiling through AI

to attract Advertisers interested to reach non-conventional audiences

Hyper Targeting through AI

to get the best conversion rates

Header Bidding

to maximize revenue offering ad space out to multiple demand partners at the same time

Direct Deals & PMP

to select one or a restricted list of Advertisers

eCPM real time optimization

to constantly test ad placements, ad formats and traffic drivers

SEO Support

to enhance traffic through higher visibility on search engines

Traffic Management

to simplify Sales & Ops activities on direct “premium” campaigns

No blocked clicks

to monetize 100% of the traffic

Added value marketing tools

to increase user data collection and lead generation

Detailed statistics in real time

to have full control and 24/7 monitoring

Ad formats

Our ad formats inventory is in line with trending digital advertising performance and branding needs and can be complementary or alternative to AdSense.

Native ads

Video ads

Display ads for mobile and desktop